Tennis was first played at Denman Terrace in Lower Mitcham in 1928, although it was not until 1933 that the Denman Tennis Club was formed to compete in the Southern Districts Tennis Association.  In only a few short years the Club became a leader within the Association and was one of the first clubs in Adelaide to organise regular coaching and competition for junior and senior players.

Thousands have played at Denman over the years, some calling Denman "Home" and others passing through on their way to bigger and better things.  Since the club's birth many fine volunteer administrators have helped Denman continue to grow and prosper to become the SDTA's most successful club and one which is well known throughout South Australian tennis circles.

A detailed history of the Club is available in book form "Forever & Ever Denman, The History Of The Denman Tennis Club" by John MacKenzie, ISBN 187608779X.

An early Denman team (circa 1935):

Courts and clubhouse (circa 1961):